Our shipping time has resumed to normal. While we do not expect any further delays because of unpredictable spikes in Covid-19, We will notify customers if a delay is over 2 weeks. 

MESSAGE US, if you have any questions!


1. What is IMperfect Apparel? I don't get it...
IMperfect Apparel is a unisex streetwear brand. We make dope graphic tees and customized pieces. The tee is a classic staple in streetwear, we want to keep that alive by being a brand creating stylish but meaningful pieces. Shop our site to see the wide variety or tee's. Or check out our custom SHOP page where you can be apart of the creation process by first choosing from a selection of unique customizable apparel. Then lastly deciding on fabrications and detailing finalizing exactly how your customized piece will look. 
Find out more on the ABOUT US

2. Can you give me more information about ordering a custom piece?
A custom order process made simple. First select the style of the custom piece you'd like from our custom SHOP page. Next you will select the fabric detailing and lastly add on any extra's or embellishments for your custom piece. And wallah... your custom piece is on the way to your front door. It is important to read ALL the sizing and measurement information when ordering to ensure you're are purchasing the best fit. When in doubt always order a size up instead of down. It is much easier to adjust a piece to a smaller size than to a larger size. And Don't forget to take a pic, and tag us!

3. How long do custom orders generally take?
Custom Order can take 4-6 weeks, depending on our current order volume.  However we will work to get your custom piece to you as soon as possible! Please keep in mind each of our IMperfect custom pieces is made to order. One locally based seamstress is assigned your order. This seamstress works with your piece specifically throughout the creation and sewing process. Making the custom-piece uniquely yours. We can expedite your order for an additional cost. 

4. How do I care for my item?
Graphic Printed T-Shirts: Standard wash care is fine for these pieces. Machine wash cold with like colors. Wash inside out for longer lasting wear. Tumble dry low or hang dry. Iron inside out, try and avoid design with iron directly. 

Custom Denim (Shorts, Jeans, or Jackets) Machine wash cold, Tumble dry low or hang dry. If custom piece includes any detachable chains please remove chains before wash and drying. Re-add chains after drying.

Custom Tops: Machine wash OR hand wash cold at your discretion with like colors, hang to dry. If custom piece includes any detachable chains please remove chain before wash and drying. Re-add chains after drying.

Custom Pieces with Patches: Machine Wash cold inside out with like colors. Hang to dry. Iron inside out.

Tie Dye: Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low or hang to dry. Iron on lowest setting inside out.

5. What is the return policy? 
We allow up to 10 full business days to return most items please include all labeling when returning. Graphic printed tee's are eligible for a full refund if returned unworn and with no damage within the 10 day period. IMperfect Custom pieces are however non refundable. Any custom denim pieces are eligible for a one-time size adjust at an additional yet minimal cost. One of our seamstresses will make slight adjustments to your custom piece to ensure the right fit. (Shipping not included on returns or adjustments). Please be sure to review sizing and measurement details of each piece before purchasing. When in doubt always order a size up instead of down. Contact Us , if you have any questions regarding returns.

6. How do I become an IA brand ambassador or Influencer? 
Brand Ambassador: We are always looking for the next trendsetter. Setting trends on their own terms by their own rules. Our brand ambassadors will receive deep discounts on our pieces, incentives, and a discount code for friends and family to use.

Influencers: Must have a minimum of 5,000 followers on one or more social media platforms. Our influencers will receive free products, deep discounts, incentives, commission opportunities, and a discount code for family and friends to use.

If you are interested in being apart of the IA brand ambassador or influencer team. Email Us and tell us why you'd like to join and would be a great fit for the brand.

7. Can I find IA in stores? 
IMperfect Apparel is currently not being sold at any brick and mortar stores (yet). We are working daily to bring IA to a store near you. If you are a buyer, or store owner and would like to see about getting IMperfect Apparel in your store please CONTACT US!