About Us

Welcome to a clothing company where individuality is encouraged and being comfortable is key. IMPerfect apparel is a brand like none other because we represent versatility and rebellion in an industry that can have so many rules! IMPerfect Apparel is a unisex brand that offers a one of a kind fashion experience. We value the idea that our imperfections are actually what make us the most perfect version of ourselves. IMPerfect Apparel was created in 2014 by owner and lead designer, Dani Elle Moore. Dani Elle is a lover of fashion and wanted a way to create unique and edgy fashion for her generation and many more to come. Today, the company strives to bring their customers the best in screen printed and customized apparel. From the quality of our tee's to the detail of our designs, we're not your average t-shirt company. We embrace the fact that no two buyers are alike and sometimes, 'Perfection' is just boring. Our line offers a one of a kind fashion experience because you have the opportunity to customize your pieces, but we also have original shirt designs for the days you just want to throw on a tee and lounge. As tensions run high in both the social and political climate of the country, we aim to be apart of a dialogue promoting love over hate and embracing individuality. IMPerfect Apparel is the clothing company that is willing to take risks and make no apologies!