Face Masks: Covid-19's Biggest Fashion Trend

The Covid-19 “pandemic” is a bad dream we are all hoping to wake up from except at this moment that seems like a reality is unlikely. While some question the severity of the threat at hand and others begin their 2-4 week lockdown and new quarantine life. It’s a new and hopefully temporary way of living in which we’ve all been copping with in different ways.
Meme Humor, extra hand sanitizer, extra hand washing, social distancing, and let’s not forget the paralyzing fear when someone coughs too loud nearby. It’s all the new normal, for now. So while it may feel like a challenge to, “make the best” of these strange and unfamiliar times, things like; the earth getting a well deserved break, the general population washing their hands more often, and the unexpected COVID-19 fashion trends we never knew we needed are very fine silver lining to this crazy moment in history we are living though.
Face masks with a flare are making their rounds on the streets. And we've got you covered with some online boutiques where you can snag them from!
Xplicit Designs facemasks are high end and in higher demand probably due to scarcity and their attention to detail. Think Louis and Gucci. Based on their Insta they’ll only be making 10 more designer masks so get them now before it’s too late.
Check Out Explicit Designs Face Masks & More HERE!
The face mask perfect for your emo moment (or emo teenager) from Teen Hearts, a company with trippy vibes that pushes the edge on darkness. Reasonable priced face masks with a gothic edge! With the words “Stay Away” or a distorted smiley face Emblazoned over a tie dye background they are spot on with the underlying tone of all this Coronavirus chaos. 
Check Out Teen Hearts Face Masks & More HERE!
Grim Reaper's Glamour is offering some awesome custom made face masks featuring a wide array of old school favs. Think throwback millennial classics, everything from Alice in Wonderland, to Nightmare Before Christmas. There are tons of options for all all ages and every children’s sized masks available. The best part is their affordable and offer a touch of lightheartedness during a time it’s needed most.
Check Out Grim Reapers Glamour Masks & More HERE!
Glitz and Glam by JK is the blinged out way to handle this pandemic. Your masks are customized and individually studded by the designer/ owner herself. And you can select the color of the jewels used for your mask and even mix in pearls. The styling options and photo ops with this glitzy piece are endless, making it well worth the money!
Check Out Grim Reapers Glamour Masks & More HERE!
While we are not trying to take away from the real stress and fear we are all feeling amidst Covid-19 panic, but when life gives us lemons, can’t we turn into a style statement? So, is pandemic proof fashion a thing yet? NO, not at all, and we hope it never will be. But for now you can make a fashion statement while making an effort to protect your face at the same damn time!
 To all the grocery store staff, healthcare workers, police, military, and beyond. We thank you for your services. IMperfect Apparel is sending out our love and prayers to the world right now, to friends, family, strangers and everyone in between. Through fashion, art, music, laughter, and science, we pray this is a time of healing and togetherness within ourselves, as well as throughout the world.
-Dani Elle
(Owner @ IA)
*Disclaimer: Please keep in mind these are NOT medical grade face masks nor are they specifically intended to protect you from Covid-19 or any other viruses or ailments. While they can help prevent you from touching your face and breathing on other people, These mask are intended for fashion purposes and should not be used in replacement of necessary medical grade hospital masks.