6 Must-Have Streetwear Items in Our Store!

     Since officially launching IMperfectApparel.com we have added something for everyone, From children’s tees for the little ones with style, to customizable streetwear favs. We thought the perfect way to summarize the website would be with shortcut access to our absolute DOPEst pieces that you need to know about RIGHT NOW. Check them out below...
1. The Dani’s & Daniel’s:
(Custom Distressed Jeans) 
Okay so seriously.. what better way to say I love you than with his and hers matching customizable distressed denim?! The Dani & Daniel’s are a fun take on a staple streetwear style. Customize your denim by choosing your fabric insert and adding extra embellishments like spike and studs. And No, you don't have to wear them on the same time as your significant other. 😋
(The Dani's | Ladies Fit)
Make Them Yours HERE!
(The Daniel's | Mens Fit)
Make Them Yours HERE!
2. Liberty & Justice for All?!
With the 2020 elections upon us, and even with putting political parties aside, many of us simply just wonder when we will truly be a country of “Liberty & Justice for All?” This shirt is for those who aren’t afraid to ask the question this year! 
Make It Yours HERE!
3. The Aliccia:
(Custom Hoodie) 
IMperfect your next hoodie with a lace up neckline and fabric inserts to fit anyone’s vibe. A step up from your average sweatshirt allowing you the option to dress it up or keep it casual, the choice is yours.
Make It Yours HERE!
4. The Nick & Nicki’s
(Custom Bermuda Shorts) 
You don’t have to wait for a vacation to enjoy our customizable Bermuda shorts. Available in both men and women’s fit, they can be considered classic with a customized edge. 
(The Nicki's)
 Make Them Yours HERE!
(The Nick's | Men's Fit)
Make Them Yours HERE!
5. Rebel 
An IMperfect Apparel throwback yet timeless design defining the true concept of IA, to “rebel” against the rules of fashion by staying true to your own uniqueness. Are you a Rebel against the “system”?
(Custom Cropped Hoodie)
Make Our Custom "Rebel" Yours HERE!
(Unisex Fit Hoodie) 
Make It Yours HERE!
6. DOPE:
Dope is... Blatantly and colorfully put, in this comfy oversized hoodie. Perfect for those cool Spring nights when you just don’t feel like throwing on a jacket. The black color way is the perfect contrast to the colorful design that is sure to match almost any kicks in your closet. 
Make It Yours HERE!
So don’t just take our word for it. If you haven’t already, take a look for yourself and you know, support a small business! 😋
Which one of our favorite pieces could you see yourself rocking? 
- Dani Elle 💕